1080P Dash Cam with IR Night Vision

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Our cutting-edge 1080P Dash Cam with IR Night Vision, a powerful addition to your vehicle that ensures your safety on the road. This advanced dash cam is equipped with not one, but three high-quality lenses, making it an indispensable tool for capturing every moment, whether inside or outside your vehicle.

  • Enhanced Safety: With a front-facing camera, interior camera, and an external rear camera, this dash cam provides comprehensive coverage, giving you peace of mind on the road.

  • Crystal-Clear Resolution: Experience pristine 1080P resolution for sharp and detailed video footage.
  • Infrared Night Vision: Drive confidently at night with the IR night vision, which captures clear video even in low-light conditions.

  • Loop-Cycle Recording: Never worry about running out of storage space as loop-cycle recording ensures continuous recording by overwriting old files.
  • Built-in Screen: The 2" IPS screen allows for easy playback and real-time monitoring of your recordings.
  • Easy Installation: The portable recorder can be effortlessly assembled in your vehicle, ensuring hassle-free setup.


  • Display Size: Compact and less than 3 inches for discreet placement.
  • Audio Recorded: Yes, capturing audio alongside video.
  • Weight: Lightweight at 305 grams.
  • Built-in Screen: A 2" IPS screen for convenient operation.
  • Camera Resolution: Crystal-clear 1280x720.
  • Loop-Cycle Recording Feature: Ensures continuous recording without the need to manually delete files.
  • Number of Lenses: Three lenses for front, interior, and rear views.
  • Battery: Features a built-in battery for uninterrupted operation.
  • Memory Card: Comes with a 32GB memory card included, supporting Class 10 reading speed.
  • NightShot Function: Enhanced night vision capability.
  • Back Camera: Includes a rear-facing camera for complete coverage.

Product Package: 

  • 1080P Dash Cam with IR Night Vision
  • Front, Interior, and Rear Cameras
  • 32GB Memory Card
  • AV-In Interface
  • Power Cable (3.5 meters)
  • Corded Electric Power Source
  • User Manual

Elevate your driving experience and stay protected with our 1080P Dash Cam with IR Night Vision – the ultimate solution for capturing every moment on the road, day or night. With its comprehensive coverage and advanced features, this dash cam is your trusted companion for safe and secure journeys.