Universal Auto Window Closer Module


Discover our Universal Auto Window Closer Module, an ingenious device that brings comfort, safety, and convenience to your driving experience. This intelligent module automatically closes the windows, folds the mirrors, turns on headlights, and controls other car systems, making every journey enjoyable and hassle-free.


  1. Automatic window and mirror closure: Our Auto Window Closer Module makes it easy to close all your car windows and fold the mirrors with just one touch. No more manually checking each window, saving time and enhancing your comfort.

  2. Automatic headlight activation: The module detects ambient lighting conditions and automatically turns on your car's headlights when needed, improving visibility and safety on the road.

  3. Easy control of other systems: In addition to windows, mirrors, and headlights, this universal module allows you to control other car systems like hazard lights, door locks, and more, providing a more convenient and personalized driving experience.


  • Intelligent and versatile design: Our module is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, bringing advanced features to your car regardless of its make or model.

  • Simple installation: Easy to install, this universal module requires no complex modifications to your vehicle. Simply follow the included installation and user manual for quick access to its benefits.

  • Enhanced security: By automatically closing windows and turning on headlights, you reduce the risks of theft and break-ins, enhancing the security of your parked vehicle.


Item Weight: 200g
Steering Position: LHD
Material: Shock-resistant ABS plastic for increased durability

Product Package

  • 1 x Universal Auto Window Closer Module 
  • 1 x Detailed Installation and User Manual